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Computer troubles can seem like the end of the world. Our goal is to eliminate the frustration of a broken computer or laptop. Using our 16 years of professional experience, along with a lifetime of tinkering with computers, we aim to give you a running computer again as quickly as possible. We’ve seen it all, from computers that won’t turn on, viruses that demand money, broken WiFi connections, and way too much more to list. Our technicians in Ann Arbor will work within your needs and budget to restore your computer as good as new, or maybe even better. We take joy in breathing life into slow computers of any kind by performing upgrades and system cleanups. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us when you have computer trouble! We typically diagnose your problem within 24 hours, and use our expertise to deliver a working computer back to you at the fastest speeds in Southeast Michigan.

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Desktop & Laptop Support

“An outstanding experience at ArborComputers. After struggling
unsuccessfully for weeks to fix my HP laptop that had frozen-up, Moin
immediately identified the problem as a locked trackpad. A previous IT
guy from a different shop had worked on it for 1.5 hours without
identifying the problem. Amazing! I am now a loyal customer of Arbor

– Bill