Professional Services




At Arbor Computers, your mission matters to us. Our IT services for non-profits will help you improve your operational efficiency to maximize your community impact.

Non-profit organizations rely on technology to coordinate resources, connect with donors and volunteers, and to expand your community reach. Functions such as planning, reporting, and performance measurement require reliable IT tools.

Our technicians can build personalized solutions to help support your mission. Our data protection and privacy services can help you protect donor, sponsor, and volunteer information. Our network security services can provide and maintain a multi-layered cyber security framework to protect against digital attacks. Our data backup and recovery services can ensure that your vital operational data isn’t at risk of loss from server failures, natural disasters, or malicious attacks. Our expert technicians are dedicated to keep your operation moving forward with custom built solutions for your mission.

Call Arbor Computers today to discuss how we can use our expertise to help your non-profit organization.