How to Configure Automatic Windows 10 Backups

Learn to build the battlestation of your dreams! Arbor Computers is hosting a computer workshop on Saturday, September 26th. Our team of experts will be there to build a custom PC, answer questions, and help you with your own builds! We make new computers all day, and we’re here to help you make a new computer, or upgrade your existing PC. Our pro tips are sure to give you an edge against gamers that buy pre-built machines 😜.

If you’d like help with your own custom PC build, please contact us before September 19th, so that we can order any necessary parts. We’re also able to provide upgrades to your current computer!

A catered lunch will be provided, followed by a Fortnite tourament. The winner of the tournament will receive a sweet (and super-secret) prize. We’d love for your to bring your gaming PC or laptop, but if you don’t have one, be sure to try on of our builds!

Seating is limited, and the cost of attendance is $150. Please wear a mask to keep everyone safe! If you’re interested in reserving a seat, please call at (734) 262-9512. We hope to hear from you soon!