On-Site Computer Repair

When your computer is not functioning properly, it can seem like the end of the world. Now, you are able to get the computer repair in Ann Arbor that you need!

At Arbor Computers, we provide on-site computer repair. This makes it easier for you to get back up and running in no time at all. You will have to pack up your computer and bring it somewhere because one of our technicians will come to you. In many instances, we can provide a full laptop repair in Ypsilanti in under 24 hours. If we are unable to make all of the repairs on-site, we provide free pickup and delivery.

There are many reasons why your computer may not be working properly. It may have to do with outdated software, insufficient memory, or even a virus. We provide IT solutions that will work not only with your needs, but also your budget. Our technicians will work hard in order to provide computer repair in Ann Arbor, and throughout southeast Michigan.

If you have lost data because of a virus, you are having difficulty maintaining a Wi-Fi connection, or you need some kind of software recovery, our technicians are capable of handling the problem. We offer a same-day response time, and we warranty all of our work. We also provide a follow-up with all of our customers to make sure the problems are resolved once and for all.

Many people experienced computer problems and make the assumption that they need to get a new computer. In many instances, this is not the case at all. There are various ways to improve the responsiveness of computers, and we know all the tricks. There may be no need at all to buy a new computer. We can even make the necessary upgrades so that your computer works faster than ever before. Simply let one of our technicians take a look before you make any extreme positions.

Our on-site computer repair in Ann Arbor is affordable, and we believe in providing a strong ongoing relationship with our customers. This allows you to rely on our expertise and be confident that we have your best interests in mind.

When you are ready to schedule your on-site computer repair with us, call or email today. We can often be out to you in the same day so that you do not have to worry about downtime for long.