Laptop & Desktop Repair

Oh no! If your laptop or desktop has suddenly stopped working or has slowed down considerably, we offer on-site laptop repair with a fast response time. This will allow your laptop and desktop to be repaired quickly and effectively, so much so that we offer service warranties on all work that we perform.

We offer a wide range of PC and laptop repairs and services. We work with Microsoft and Apple computers, so you can be confident that our technicians know what they are doing, regardless of what make and model you have. We can make upgrades to original installation, provide hardware diagnostics, and much more.

Our Ann Arbor computer services are available throughout southeast Michigan. We help both residential and commercial customers, though you have a laptop or desktop in need of repair, call and talk to one of our technicians.

We are able to provide on-site laptop repair in Ann Arbor, and in many instances, we are able to provide assistance in a remote capacity as well. If you do not have the time to bring a computer in to a repair shop, allow us to come to you. This is one of the most convenient ways of having a computer repaired, and we are happy to help you.

What kinds of repairs can we make? We are able to provide firewall monitoring, recovery services, assist with Wi-Fi setup, printer setup and connectivity, and much more. We are able to recover data and software, remove viruses, and make improvements to the overall hardware installation to ensure that your laptop and/or desktop are capable of functioning at a higher level that you demand.

There are many ways to make improvements, and you may not need to get a new computer. Many people assume that they need to trash their computer after a few years. It may be as simple as adding more memory or making another hardware upgrade. Allow one of our technicians to take a look and make recommendations on how to make improvements so that you can find a more affordable solution to repairing your computer in Ann Arbor.

Call today and schedule time with one of our computer technicians. We can be out to your home or business within the same day in order to begin providing you with the necessary services. We look forward to working with you!