Computer Technician

You may not be a computer technician, and that is okay. Whenever you need an Ann Arbor computer service, we are here for you. Make one call to Arbor Computers, and one of our technicians can provide you with assistance. We offer remote and on-site assistance 24/7 so that you never have to be without your computer, your data, or the Internet.

All of our computer technicians are MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer), certified, train, and experienced to provide an array of services. This allows you to be confident knowing that your computer, your server, and any other technology is in good hands.

We are able to work with you at your convenience. Not only do we operate 24 hours, we make it easy for you to call. In many instances, we are able to provide our services remotely. This will allow you and our technicians to be on the computer in order to solve the problems. We will be able to tap into your computer in order to see exactly what you see. This is one of the fastest ways to provide Ann Arbor computer services.

If we are unable to provide remote services, we will be happy to come out on-site. In emergency situations, we can respond in two hours or less. This allows you to get the response needed for critical network outages and more. If you cannot be without your computer, the Internet, or something else, our technicians are prepared to visit you at any time of the day or night – and there are never any premium charges for coming out after hours.

Our computer technicians are committed to providing a high level of customer service. We have built a good relationship with our clients, and continue to expand our business because the referral. We offer service warranties and 100% satisfaction is guaranteed at all times.

Allow us to provide support, repairs, and other services in Ann Arbor and throughout southeast Michigan. Our technicians are knowledgeable, so you can count on them to answer all of your questions, provide you with training, and much more. We are happy to help with installation, secure your networks, and make all the necessary repairs. Our technicians can also recover data that you may have lost as a result of a virus or something else.

Call today and schedule time with one of our computer technicians today. We can help you remotely or on-site, based upon what you need.